5 Day Fun-Fest!

How do you treat hypothermia when help is hours away? What is the best way to create a splint for someone who has broken their leg on a hiking trip? Going into the wilderness without having these skills is like travelling without a passport. It might work out, or it might not, but you will have little control over the outcome.

Take a few days to learn some essential wilderness first aid skills and you’ll not only have your passport but travel insurance too.

This 50-hour course offers the basics to anyone who lives, works, or plays in remote areas and environments where medical attention is difficult to access. You will learn to be innovative with your resources and improvise first aid techniques through challenging practical sessions and outdoor simulations.

You will learn:

  • Pre-trip planning and contingency planning
  • Prevention and assessment of common environmental illnesses and injuries
  • How to plan and improvise evacuation of patients with limited resources

Slipstream’s Online Campus is a fun way to learn Wilderness First Aid online!

Slipstream’s Online Campus

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