Online Wilderness First Aid


We are in this together. COVID-19 has changed the global game, and we are meeting the challenge because it’s our job to prepare you to stay safe while you play hard outdoors. 

We have re-envisioned our existing Wilderness First Aid blended delivery program into a fully supported online model as we navigate the difficulties COVID-19 and social distancing present. 

You can pack your brain with the knowledge of over 75 years of Slipstream’s instructors’ shared experience in wilderness guiding and outdoor medicine and meet outdoor enthusiasts and professionals from around the world online.

Learn from a safe social distance, at your own pace, on your schedule, from any room in your house or any corner of your yard, even in your pyjamas if you wish. As soon as the world opens up, you’ll be ready. 

Online Course Selection 


Online Only Courses:

  • Wilderness First Aid 50 Online

    WFA50 Expedited Recertification – Online

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  • Wilderness First Aid 90 Online

    WFA90 Expedited Recertification – Online

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  • Wilderness First Aid 20 Online

    Wilderness First Aid 20 Fundamentals – Online

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  • Online WFA 35-hour

    Wilderness First Aid 35 Practitioner – Online

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Online Delivery Courses (Online + Virtual Classroom):