9 Days of Fun!

Advanced Wilderness First Aid has been compared to drinking water out of a fire hydrant. It is intense. Very intense. And it’s just what you need to ensure that the knowledge sticks to your head.

As educators, guides or leaders, there are certain skills you need to have if you are going to be responsible for others in remote wilderness settings. Do you know how to disinfect water, or help someone with heart conditions or anaphylaxis? If not, you may be unprepared to take care of other people in the wilderness. Fortunately, this certification course will cover these topics on “The Menu” and many more.

You will learn:

  • How to assess and manage injuries caused by force as well as non-traumatic illnesses, common medical conditions, and small wounds.
  • Current legal considerations for care and risk management procedures.
  • To use field portable medical supplies and available resources to provide emergency care.
  • Complex evacuation planning skills with special emphasis on long-term patient care.

Slipstream’s Online Campus is a fun way to learn Wilderness First Aid online!

Slipstream’s Online Campus

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