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To qualify for the Individual Pro Purchase Program price you must:

  • Have passed a Wilderness First Aid course of equivalent length* at least once,
  • Be a returning Slipstream student, or
  • Hold current certification from a complimentary agency.

Recertify Courses

Pro Purchase Program for Professionals

Slipstream offers a Pro Purchase Program with our Wilderness First Aid courses at a reduced tuition to qualified outdoor professionals and Wilderness First Responders including:

  • Slipstream graduates
  • Guides & instructors in the following fields: Mountaineering, Sea kayaking, Surfing, Caving, Mountain Biking, Hiking, Canoeing, Outfitter, Skiing, Rock & Ice Climbing, Field Scientists and more
  • Previously certified students from a recognized complimentary Wilderness First Aid Training agency

Keep It Simple Recertification

Recommended for working professionals with previous Wilderness First Aid Certification who have not taken the full course for many years or feel like their full set of skills could use an overhaul.

Keep It Simple Requirements:

Not So Simple Recertification

This intense, not so simple recertification is only recommended for those seasoned working professionals who gained their previous Wilderness First Aid Certification with NO effort or have re-certified multiple times, are extremely self-motivated and ready to hit the ground running and stay running!

Not So Simple Requirements:
  • Extensive & intensive On-line Campus work required prior to attending
  • Ability to hit the ground running and stay running!
Slipstream graduate is required to:
  • Attend 30 hours (3 days) for the AWFA recertification (recommended Days 6, 7 & 8)
  • Attend 20 hours (2 days) for the EWFA recertification (recommended Days 4 & 5)
Previously certified student from a recognized complimentary agency is required to:
  • Attend a minimum of 50 hours of class time (5 days) for the 90-Hour Advanced Wilderness


*Additionally, Slipstream offers CPR “C”, aka our “Hot Fudge Sundae”, which may be added to any course or, like the name implies, may be eaten on it’s own. Slipstream’s CPR “C” is taught in an accelerated manner devoting the majority of time to skill, practice, simulations and AED training.