Wilderness Medicine First Aid for Professionals

Being a professional in the outdoor industry is challenging, intense, and fun. Professionals require professional training, practical hands-on skills and the technical information to give you the confidence you need to look after people under your care. Being a wilderness first responder can be challenging. Get the practice you need before the real thing occurs.

Do you need wilderness medicine first aid certification/recertification to enable you to look after those in your care? Slipstream can give you the skills you need to prepare for a job in the outdoor industry.

Why Slipstream?

  • Employers recognize the quality of Slipstream students. It counts for something to have our name on your resume.
  • We offer a training warranty that lets you keep refreshing your skills before your certification even expires. Come back every year if you like!
  • You will gain the confidence to take others into the wilderness, knowing that you have the practical skills to handle the responsibility.

Take a Slipstream course (mountain first aid) and rest assured that you won’t get caught with your proverbial pants down in the wilderness.

Check out the 50-Hour or 90-Hour Wilderness First Aid courses now!