Excursion First Aid Supplies


Excursion First Aid Supplies are a perfect introductory Wilderness First Aid package. See product description for complete list of kit contents.

Bonus: First Aid Training Supplies included when registering for a Slipstream Wilderness First Aid Course. 


The following supplies are included in the Excursion First Aid Supplies package.

Oropharyngeal airway (OPA), set of 6 (1)
Oral thermometer, glass (1)
Triangular bandage (2)
Pressure dressing, 4×6 (1)
White crepe roller bandage (3)
Gauze, sterile, 4×4, 2-pack (8)
Medic scissors (1)
Wound closures, 3mm (1)
Gauze, sterile, 2×2, 2-pack (4)
Gauze, sterile, non-stick, 3×4, 2-pack (8)
Transparent dressing (4)
Cotton tipped applicators, 6″ (20)
Tensor gauze, conform, 3″ (1)
Antiseptic towelette (BKZ) (10)
Isopropyl towelette (10)
Cloth tape, 1″ (1)
Micropore (1)
Prowrap (1)
Sterile burn dressing, box of 4 (1)
Pocket mask with valve (1)
Variety Band-Aids, 40 (1)
Pencil (1)
Gloves, nitrile, large, pair (5)
Gloves, nitrile, medium, pair (5)
Absorbent dressing (ABD), 5×9 (2)
Tincture of benzoin (1)
SAM™ splint (1)
Basic bag (1)

Bonus First Aid Training Supplies included when registering for a Slipstream Wilderness First Aid Course.


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