Wilderness First Aid 35 Practitioner – Online


WFA35 Practitioner – Online

The WFA 35-hour Practitioner course, offered as self-paced learning, lays the groundwork for Wilderness First Aid and serves as a stepping stone to the 90-hour Advanced Wilderness First Aid (Wilderness First Responder – WFR) training. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts entering the industry with limited prior Wilderness First Aid training.

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WFA35 Practitioner – Online

The Online WFA – WFA 35-hour Practitioner course is a dynamic and comprehensive self-paced learning experience, designed to provide a solid foundation in Wilderness First Aid. This course serves as a stepping stone for individuals looking to delve deeper into the realm of wilderness medicine, setting the stage for the extensive 90-hour Advanced Wilderness First Aid (Wilderness First Responder – WFR) training. Hosted on Slipstream’s cutting-edge Online Campus, participants gain exclusive access to the expertise of Slipstream’s world-class instructors in wilderness medicine.

None – This practitioner-level course is tailored for outdoor enthusiasts seeking to work in the outdoor industry, catering to those with little to no prior Wilderness First Aid training experience. The WFA35 Practitioner course not only imparts crucial skills but also prepares individuals for the challenges of providing first aid in remote and wilderness settings.

✨Wilderness First Aid 35-hour Practitioner certification valid for three years.
✨Use as credit toward Advanced Wilderness First Aid 90-hour certification by combining a hands-on workshop within one year.
✨Recertification available every three years.
Similar to the 20-hour Fundamentals course, the WFA35 Practitioner course provides a Wilderness First Aid 35-hour Practitioner certification, valid for three years. This certification not only stands as a testament to the participant’s acquired skills but also acts as credit toward the more advanced 90-hour WFR certification. Combining the online coursework with a hands-on workshop within one year enhances practical skills, creating a well-rounded learning experience.

First Aid Supplies Needed:
Triangular bandage (2)
Tensor bandage, 3″ (2)
Cloth tape, 1″ (1)
SAM™ 36” splints (1)
Participants are encouraged to acquire specific first aid supplies, including triangular bandages, tensor bandages, cloth tape, and SAM™ 36” splints. These supplies are integral for hands-on practice, ensuring participants can apply their knowledge in real-life scenarios. Conveniently, participants can purchase the required supplies directly from Slipstream’s online store: https://wildernessfirstaid.ca/product/online-course-first-aid-training-supplies/

While the WFA35 is self-guided with a flexible start date, it must be completed within 365 days from the initial registration. Students have the option to extend course access to three years from initial registration by purchasing our Training Warranty. No refunds nor course transfers are issued.

Contact us to receive a $100 discount on registration when upgrading to the 90-hour Advanced Wilderness First Aid (Wilderness First Responder – WFR) training within one-year.🌟

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