About Slipstream

Being a professional in the outdoor industry is challenging, intense, and fun. Professionals require training, practical hands-on skills and technical information to gain the confidence necessary to ensure the safety of people under their care.

Slipstream Wilderness First Aid, founded in 1990, is an industry-leading Wilderness First Aid training organization, expanding services across BC, Alberta, Yukon, Nunavut, the Northwest Territories and Japan. Wilderness First Aid certification provides the tools necessary to make critical medical & evacuation decisions and the ability to implement long-term care and stabilization until medical help arrives.

A little more About Slipstream Wilderness First Aid…

Instructors who have extensive professional experience in the outdoors and medical/first aid fields teach our programs. Slipstream prepares our graduates: outdoor professionals, certified First Responders and outdoor enthusiasts, to work and play anywhere in the world.

Our training is delivered through 50 to 90 hours of evidence-based training using hands-on practice, case studies, and realistic simulations with 40+ annual course offerings. Emphasis is placed on providing students with a well-grounded background in three main principles: safety of self and others, respect for self and others and respect for natural and cultural environments.

Slipstream Wilderness First Aid training is made to stick and builds the confidence it takes and gives you the tools you need to know, before your wilderness adventure begins.

As a testimony to our confidence in our training, Slipstream offers an unrivaled and unique training warranty.